Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Aides, Nurses,
Companions, Live-In’s

(Serving the Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Area)




Do you perform background checks on your caregivers?
Yes. A caregiver’s background is especially important. They will likely have access to your home and personal property. Simple references alone are not always sufficient - the background check is critical.

Are you insured?
Our caregivers are covered under the agency insurance and bonded. There is peace of mind knowing that the coverage is in effect for the situation that concerns you.

What kind of training do your caregivers undergo?
The C.A.R.E. program helps establish rules and regulations that all of our caregivers must follow.

What is the availability of your caregivers?
Our caregivers are ready and willing to work. If an event should arise and the caregiver is unable to make the appointed schedule, a replacement is always ready to cover the absence if so requested by the client.

How are records of patient care recorded?
Caregiver maintains a daily log of activity. This log serves as an ongoing diary for family members and other caregivers that may come into the home.

Do you provide transportation services?
Although it is important to remember that care giving is not a transportation service, there will be times when transportation may be needed for such things as a ride to the dentist, to church, or to a hair salon and we are able to provide it when necessary.

What are your rates & services?
Normally your specific needs will determine the rates you are quoted. It is important not only that you understand how we have assessed the needs but also what effect the assessment has on the rates quoted. Clear and honest communication is essential throughout this process. Our service offerings are provided HERE.

How do you choose the compatibility of caregivers and clients?
Gathering of information to make sure the needs of the caregiver and client have similar interests is essential in determining if the parties involved will interact and be comfortable with one another. A lot of thought goes into the placement of our caregivers to ensure that there is an appropriate match.

Helpers at Home Care is licensed as a NJ Home Health Care Service Firm.